Aiwa Weighbridge
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Hanging Weighing / Crane Weighing Scale

Manufacturer of all type of Electronic weighing System ranges from 0.01 mg to 300MT
  • Heavy Duty & rugged scale
  • Beautiful & compact design
  • Built-in Battery backup for 24 Hrs.
  • Weight Hold Facility
  • Software calibration
  • Remote Control facility-Optional
Hangine Weighing Scale

Model Avail Hanging Weighing / Crane Weighing Scale

Model Capacity Accuracy
AH60 60Kg 10gm
AH150 150Kg 20gm
AH300 300Kg 50gm
AH600 600Kg 100gm
ACS1500 1500Kg 200gm
ACS3T 3000Kg 500gm
ACS6T 6000Kg 1Kg
ACS12T 12000Kg 2Kg
ACS20T 20000kg 5kg

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