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As we all aware that development of a country depends upon its basic infrastructure. An express highway, for physical movement, is one of them. In this research project we will examine process of toll collection system, and ways to make the process more efficient and perfect. Also we will discuss ways of totally accountable toll collection system which will give complete control over Toll Collection Process and interface to monitor each activity with electronic sensor based as well as Image based evidence system.

The main purpose of this document is to deliver brief idea of all functionalities of TMS Software. Provide information about data storage and data flow. We will also briefly discuss TMS Software architecture.

Highlight Features

  • Works in ONLINE and OFLLINE both modes.
  • Single Click Installation and Upgrades.
  • Most advanced Technology for data redundancy.
  • Automatic data Backups.
  • Monitor your Toll from anywhere using Web and Internet.
  • Supports variety of TMS Hardware.
  • Customised reports and data analysis interface.
  • Double Visual Verification of Toll Transactions.

Aim Of The Toll management System.

The main purpose of thisToll management System is to collect the correct toll value, according to vehicle’s class, on arrival of the vehicle at toll booth. It is needed to build a real time application, which recognizes reliable, safe and Accountable toll collection & management system. AIWA TMS V2.01 system would successfully remove unnecessary traffic delays. AIWA TMS V2.01 Toll Management System is becoming a nationally accepted for Toll collection and Toll Management Process.

The AIWA TMS V2.01 system is used as a system for fast and efficient collection of toll at the highway toll collection plazas. In AIWATMS V2.01 Process of Toll Collection is defined in very strategic way. While design of LANE SIDE we keep our aim:

  • Capture Maximum data for Ticket Collection.
  • Process Captured data in Real Time, Data Security is Prime.
  • Easy to Use, Operate and Maintain GUI.

With Easy and Fast Ticket Collectors Screen payer does not need to wait long to pay toll. AIWA TMS V2.01 Also ensures all data including Electronic and Visual Evidences captured and saved for further process. We understand the security and confidentiality of this data is of critical importance.
AIWA TMS V2.01 ensures all toll transactions done by Ticket Collector are appropriate, providing full control to the plaza Auditor and Plaza Owners over Toll Collection Process. Hence AIWA TMS V2.01 provides a system to control over all Toll Transactions and Toll Accounting. System is built of following building blocks:

  • Toll Collection Interface. (Lane Software)
  • Incidence Capture System. ( Video / Image Evidence System)
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification and Counting System. (AVCC)
  • Central Monitoring &Configuration Management System.
  • Point Of Sale. (Pass Creation and Management)

Driver / Customer Benefits Include

  • No or shorter queues at toll plazas by increasing toll booth service turnaround rates.
  • Faster and more efficient service.
  • The security and confidentiality of data.
  • Other general advantages for the motorists include fuel savings and reduced mobile emissions by reducing or eliminating deceleration, waiting time, and acceleration.
  • Multiple levels of audit and data analysis.

Meanwhile, for the Toll Plaza Owners, the benefits include:
Lowered Toll Collection costs,
Better audit control by centralizing all transactions.
Expand capacity without building more infrastructures

System Overview:

The overall solution consists of a back and front office application for Toll plazas, That works in ONLINE and OFLLINE both modes, Single Click Installation and Upgrades, most advanced Technology for data redundancy, automatic data Backups, can monitor your Toll from anywhere using Web and Internet, Supports variety of TMS Hardware. Customised reports and data analysis interface. We have implemented most advanced 3 Tier architecture for designing TMS Application. We have chosen this architecture as this is very proven software architecture and widely used by banks, financial organisations to provide a secure and easy to maintain application. We understand TMS is about your money, we have designed Application while keeping in mind that data is money.

Application Server Platform Architecture

From the architecture perspective Application Server platform consists of three layers – presentation, application and data.

Application Server Platform Architecture
Application Server Platform Architecture

The data layer holds meta-data, business rules, transactions, user profiles, etc. The APP Server platform uses relational database (RDBMS) as persistent data storage, It supports both MS SQL Server as well as Oracle database.

Network Architecture Diagram

Network Architecture  Diagram
Network Architecture Diagram
“We Understand about Toll Application, Data Is Revenue & Revenue is Data.”


Functional Architecture of typical Lane Installation

The process starts when vehicle enters LANE, Operator Enters vehicle Number and proper Journey type for same vehicle.

Overall Toll Management system Lane Installation

Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) System



AIWA-Q16A IR based Automatic Vehicle Counting and Classification System is most advance system able to classify more than 30 types of vehicles. All field programmable vehicle classes can be configured on site as

Reports Module
Reports Module

In Electronic toll management system (ETMS), no. of users are handling the different type of software applications. All users may not have access to every type of software application function, considering data protection aspect of system. Thus, different types of user are expected to be defined, in system with different types of access authorities in software application. These types of users are termed as user categories.

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