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Oil Filling Machine

Oil Filling Machine Manufacturer
  • Micro controller based
  • Heavy duty & Sleek SS body
  • Kg to Litre conversion
  • Extra filtration facility
  • Easy to operate
  • Coarse & fine filling
  • High Accuracy

Oil Filling Machine

It is a set of full automatic oil filtration and filling equipment researched and produced by Aiwa. It is mainly used for oil filtration and filling to the hydraulic, lubricating and cooling system before test run and commissioning.

It can fill at preset volume of all kinds of low viscosity lubricating oil. The machine is light and flexible, small and easy to move, high filtration precision, simple operation, preset volume. To meet the special requirement of customers, Aiwa has also designed and produced QDL-Ex series anti-explosion full automatic oil filling machine and QDL-T series automatic container filling machine at preset volume.

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan Size (mm)
AOF6 6kg 1gm 300x300
AOF20 20kg 2gm 400x400
AOF300 300kg 50gm 600x600

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