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Why Aiwa

Manufacturer of all type of Electronic weighing System ranges from 0.01 mg to 300MT

Why Aiwa Weighing Systems

The Digital Scale uses a strain gauge technology which makes it very accurate and precise within the full capacity range.

A digital scale has many uses in today's world. Whether it be weighing your bag in at the airport, deciphering the weight of your produce, or perhaps being weighed in at the doctors office. Quite especially important at airports, a digital scale of industrial size allows us to determine how many bags can be let on and how many will need to wait for the next flight. The airplane needs to watch it's weight if it's going to make the flight with the amount of fuel it's given. There are also limits for semi trucks. These behemoth trucks need to weight in at weigh stations to make sure they're not carrying over their preset limit.

Not only do scales measure weight in our every day use, in science, they are sometimes used to measure force instead of mass. Without the aid of these large industrial digital scales, it would make the job of weighing items much more meticulous for us.

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